Dad Rules This June At Betsy’s

Betsy's honors dads in June

Dad rules this June at Betsy’s! Buy any Bluebonnet product this June and be entered to win one of the product prizes provided by Bluebonnet Nutrition.

We understand that men’s health covers a wide range of topics, from heart health and mood support to prostate and muscle recovery concerns. This month’s health articles highlight many of these issues. We have also focused on dad with our APP deals, which includes our Product of the Month, our Super Omega-3.

It is never too late to begin healthy habits to help dad be his fittest self. Simple changes like one less cup of coffee or trading water for that soda habit, can make a large, cumulative difference in years to come. Less fast food and more fresh vegetables and fruits are also good options as dad strives for better health.

Consider this health information Dad can use, and don’t forget to get your chance to win this month at Betsy’s:

Anti-Inflammatory Magnesium

When inflammation rises, the immune system responds by releasing C-reactive protein (CRP) to start the process of clearing microbes and damaged cells from the body. But chronically high CRP levels may indicate disease. In this review, doctors identified 11 CRP studies where participants took oral magnesium supplements.

While there was no effect overall, in those who started the study with elevated levels of CRP—greater than 3 mg per deciliter of blood—magnesium significantly reduced CRP levels over the various study periods. Discussing the findings, doctors said magnesium reduces CRP in those with elevated levels, reducing chronic inflammation.

Reference: Current Pharmaceutical Design; May, 2017, Published Online

Sea buckthorn reduced cholesterol

Doctors combined results from 11 studies covering 900 people who took sea buckthorn berries or extract. Some participants were healthy, some had fatty liver disease, and others had high lipid levels.

Overall, sea buckthorn reduced total cholesterol by an average of 24.3 mg per deciliter of blood (mg/dL); triglycerides by 40.7 mg/dL, and LDL cholesterol by 23.9 mg/dL. Those taking sea buckthorn who had higher chances of developing heart or circulatory diseases saw HDL, the “good” cholesterol, increase by 10.4 mg/dL.

Discussing the findings, doctors said the heart-protective effects of sea buckthorn may be due to the antioxidant phytochemicals, especially flavonoids and beta-sitosterol.

Reference: Trends in Food Science & Technology; March, 2017, Vol. 61, 1-10

Improving heart function

People with chronic heart failure (CHF)—when the left heart chamber does not pump sufficient blood to the body—are often low in vitamin D. In this study, 163 people with CHF and vitamin D deficiency, below 20 nanograms per milliliter of blood, took a placebo or 4,000 IU of vitamin D per day. After 12 months, those taking vitamin D saw a 6.07 percent increase in left-chamber pumping capacity and, compared to placebo, greater improvement in chamber dimensions and volume. Doctors said vitamin D may be an inexpensive, safe treatment option for CHF.

Reference: Journal of the American College of Cardiology; 2016, Vol. 67, No. 22, 2593-603

Better memory and executive function

In this large study, doctors measured cognitive function in 4,076 independently-living adults, age 50 and older. Those with higher levels of lutein and zeaxanthin had better scores on overall cognition, memory, and executive function—the ability to focus attention, control impulses, and remain mentally flexible. Zeaxanthin in particular improved processing speed.

Discussing the findings, doctors said this study is unique for its very large size, representing a broad sample of older adult populations. The researchers have also completed and plan to release later in 2017 a clinical trial testing the cognitive effects of lutein and zeaxanthin supplements in a population of healthy individuals.

Reference: Biomedgerontology; January, 2017, Published Online

Make Dad feel special in June and every day by helping him keep a balanced nutrient profile and by helping him reach balance in all areas of his life. At Betsy’s, we look forward to working with you to help your entire family live the healthiest possible life.

Betsy’s Note: This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Before taking a supplement, consult your health care provider, especially if you take over-the-counter or prescription medicine or have a medical condition. For example, the nutrients mentioned in this article may thin blood.

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