Cope With Stress As You Age

What fears and worries keep you up at night? Each generation—from kids to seniors—have unique stressors. Understanding this can help us all find a bit more peace for ourselves and those we love. Children and young adults According to mental health educator Rebecca Higgins, climate change is one of the top things contributing to children’s…

Tips For Your Best Sleep At Every Age

It’s as essential to our very survival as water, food, and shelter, yet sleep tends to be pushed aside when it comes to priorities, considered an afterthought or even an inconvenience amid our busy schedules. Blissful, sufficient sleep doesn’t have to be the stuff of dreams, however. Here’s how to get a good night’s sleep….

Health Updates You Can Use: Immune Support

Almost thirty years have passed since we opened our family-owned supplement store. Since then, we’ve been working hard to know our products as well as our customers. At Betsy’s Health Foods, we strive to answer your product questions and help you meet your health goals, which these days center more than ever on immune health….