5 Top Posts From 2016


Our blog, Health to Heart Matters, is filled with the latest nutrient information, as well as tips for healthy living. Here are five of our top posts from 2016 that you don’t want to miss:

How Motivations Can Keep You Exercising

Have resolutions that involve improving your workout consistency? Check out these tips to help you stay motivated. Also, check out our Facebook page, where we’ve been staying motivated every Monday in 2016.  Read more >>>

Nutrients Help Maintain Healthy Lipids and Regulate Fat Absorption

Healthy cholesterol levels and healthy weight can often go hand in hand. Discover two nutrients that support healthy cholesterol levels and that may promote healthy weight.  Read more >>>

A Surprising Use for Rhodiola

We all know that rhodiola has been used in the Soviet Union to help workers maintain energy levels, but this herb has many other benefits. Learn what rhodiola may have to do with your lungs in this article.  Read more >>>

Nutrients Support Brain Function

Keeping our wits is fast becoming one of the leading health concerns in America. Besides omega-3s, learn how resveratrol may also be a key player in maintaining vitality in years to come.  Read more >>>

Three of Our Favorite Places

Betsy’s was excited to open our third location in December 2016. Learn more about what our Betsy’s Health stores have to offer our honored guests.  Read more >>>

2016 was a year of challenges and triumphs. We look forward to bringing you the best in quality products and nutrition solutions in the year ahead. Betsy’s is “always taking your health and your budget to heart.”

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