Online Sales: What To Expect

We are just a couple of steps away from bringing you online shopping, through our BetsyHealth APP or on your desktop at BETSYHEALTH.COM.  We are finalizing our merchant services for safe, online purchasing. Once we test our order process for any, final hiccups, we’ll be ready to open our online store.

With BetsyHealth Online, you can shop for products to pick up at your favorite BetsyHealth brick and mortar location or you can have us ship products to you through the mail. Here are a few key things you’ll want to know about our online store before you begin using it for even more convenient shopping.

We have made most of our products available online, so we’re confident you will find what you are looking for. However, a few products will not be online, even though we still carry them in our brick and mortar locations. You can always call us to add items to an order you’ve placed online.

One of our product types will have to be ordered only by calling into our store. In order to avoid the high-risk merchant category that would only raise prices, we have opted to keep our CBD products off our online store at this time.

Some products that are impossible for us to safely ship are marked for in-store pick-up only. If you purchase these products from us online, you will need to plan on picking them up at the location of your choice.

As long as you spend over $49.99, we will ship your product to you through the postal service for FREE! All other orders will ship for a flat fee of $6.50 shipping and handling.

We hope you enjoy our online service. We appreciate your patience as we’ve worked to place thousands of items from our shelves into an online platform that can be easy to use and accurate for you.

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