Be the Best Post-Exercise You


Krill oil and ginger helped improve health and speed recovery after exercise in these two studies. Find out more.

Krill oil boosts immunity

Krill oil contains the omega-3s EPA and DHA, and may alter immune function after exercise. In this study, 37 men and women, average age 26, took 2,000 mg of krill oil per day, or a placebo, for six weeks. To trigger an immune response before and after taking krill oil, participants performed a maximal exercise test and a cycling time trial.

The krill oil group saw an increase in a molecule, IL-2, which regulates immune white blood cells and natural killer (NK) immune cells. “NK cells are the first line of defense, reacting quickly to threats such as bacteria and viruses to keep them under control…their activity can be decreased by up to 60 percent for several hours after exercise,” doctors said.

Doctors also found EPA, DHA, and overall omega-3 levels increased in those taking krill oil.

Reference: Journal PLoS One; September, 2015, Published Online

Ginger reduced muscle soreness

Muscles often are sore after endurance training, but taking over-the-counter pain medication (analgesics) can produce serious side effects. In this study, 20 college students took 2,200 mg of ginger per day, or a placebo, for three days before, the day of, and the day after a 20 to 22 mile run on a university marathon course.

Participants compared muscle soreness after the marathon to their typical muscle soreness from jogging before the study. The placebo group ranked muscle soreness at 62 after marathon compared to 21.5 for jogging; the ginger group scored 37 and 9, a 40 percent lower level of muscle soreness. Doctors said ginger may reduce the activity of inflammatory enzymes, helping to decrease muscle soreness.

Reference: International Journal of Athletic Therapy & Training; 2015, Vol. 20, No. 6, 44-50

Betsy’s Note: This article is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.  Consult your healthcare provider, especially before beginning a new supplement and if you have a medical condition or take prescription medications.  For example, krill oil and ginger both thin blood.

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