21 Days To Change:Let This New Year Lead To A Healthier You

Day 1

21 days.

That’s how long it takes to make a pattern of behavior a habit.

In January each year, we all take at least a moment to reflect and set goals toward creating better habits:

  • We want to replace water with lemon for all those sodas we’ve been drinking.
  • We want to work out four times a week instead of hanging out in front of the television.
  • We want to munch on fruits and vegetables instead of potato chips and candy bars.

Once you have decided which habit you most want to change, the next step is deciding which better habit you will develop to replace the bad one.  The best goals are those which follow the SMART acronym: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

The most important verb in any resolution-centered goal is the word choose. When you understand that what happens in your life is your choice, including choosing how you respond to the things that are outside of your control, then your ability to choose healthier, better paths for you becomes easier.

Writing down what you are or are not doing may also be a great support for your New Year’s Resolution goals. A simple pen and pad of paper or the latest APP on ITunes will both do the trick when it comes to seeing what you are doing in black and white. Besides serving as a visual record, this journal can serve as your own accountability partner when it comes to learning a new habit.

Betsy’s is ready to help you make the first 21 days of 2016 a time to change your habits to a healthier you. Check out our daily posts on Facebook and Google+ from January 1 through January 21 to help you reach the goals you’ve set for the new year.

And thank you for letting Betsy’s help you reach your 2016 healthy lifestyle goals.

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