3 Ways Betsy’s Takes You To Heart

Houston Health Foods Betsy's Health Foods gets educated
Yanhira, Betsy and Tammy at one of our many education sessions.

At Betsy’s Health Foods, our motto is Always Taking Your Health and Your Budget to Heart®.  We work to accomplish this goal in many ways, from staying educated about our many, quality products to keeping our top priority our ability to offer the best in customer service.  Here are just three of the many ways we work to take your health to heart.

1. Be Our Guest

At Betsy’s, we consider our stores our homes, and we strive to treat every customer as our honored guest.  That’s why we greet you at the door and check on you as you browse through our store.  We do our best to remember every customer, in part because we know that a healthy lifestyle entails more than the supplements you take.  We ask questions to make sure we are matching you with the right product to meet your current healthy living goals.  We even answer the phone with a smile on our face!

Did you know that when we have children visit out store, we offer them a special treat?  We also are happy to let you browse our reference section as you gather your own health information arsenal.  Most days, we have something to sample from our healthy foods selections.  Our guests deserve to feel comfortable and welcome.  We hope that the little things, like polished floors and clean shelves, help us accomplish our hospitality goals.

2. Beyond the Gift of a Healthy Lifestyle

Besides helping you meet your healthy lifestyle goals, Betsy’s loves to give back to our customers.  That’s one reason we discount every product in our store, passing on the discounts we get from our suppliers onto you.  On top of that, we even offer an additional 5% off our already discounted vitamins and herbs when you bring in the orange postcard we mail out each month to our current customers.  If you have shopped with us within the last four months, then your mailbox should see the orange card within the last week of each month.  If you haven’t made it by our store in a while, you can still save the extra 5% by using the coupon link here.

Did you know that we give away $50 worth of product to two lucky customers each month per location?  That means 4 lucky people get to be winners each month!  We also give away special prize baskets, like our upcoming Mother’s Day gift basket.  Be sure to come in before May 10 at either of our locations to sign up for your chance to win an essential oil diffuser, essential oils and a woman’s multi for MOM.  We’re giving away 2 of these great baskets this year.

Of course, we thank YOU every month for taking us to YOUR hearts on #WellnessWednesday, our celebration that includes samples, demos, prizes, and a newsletter with a special coupon you can use on your next visit.  These Wednesdays have become a really popular day at our stores.  We look forward to seeing you on May 20 for our next, great Wednesday.  Learn more about our Wellness Wednesdays here.

3. Taking Service Outside the Box

Our main goal for every customer is that they get what they need when they visit our stores.  Sometimes, achieving this goal means thinking “outside the box.”  For example, we do low-cost mail orders, most for just $4.99 S&H.*  The convenience factor of our mail orders means that we often ship product to people even with a Houston address!

If we can’t find a similar product to what you might be looking for amongst our more than 3,000 items, then we also do our best to special order the product you are looking for.  As long as we can get the product from a company we carry or through one of our distributors, we happily order special requests.  When they come in, we give you a call!

In our electronic landscape, we try to keep you connected with our brick and mortar stores through a monthly email, a mobile-friendly website, Facebook pages, and this blog!  In all of these communication venues, we try to give you informative health articles, keep you up-to-date on the health foods industry, including threats to your health freedoms, and point you to resources for what’s trending in our industry.  We also keep you posted when there are special events, demos by manufacturers, or special drawings.

Serving is our Pleasure

The Betsy’s Team is filled with individuals who are dedicated to helping people.  We like to learn for and from our customers.  We like to hear how you are doing with our products.  Most of all, we appreciate the honor you pay us when you visit either of our two stores.

Thanks for being a Betsy’s customer.  We are here to serve, with heart!

In health,

*Some restrictions apply on mail outs.  See the store for details.