3 Reasons to Shop with Betsy’s

Always Taking Your Health and Your Budget to Heart isn’t just our slogan.  It’s the only way we do business!  Because we work hard to put YOU first, there are many reasons we hope you enjoy your visits to our store.  Here are just 3 of the many reasons for you to honor us with a visit.

1. We discount all our products, everyday!

Unlike stores where you have to wait for a sales flyer and hope that the product you want is on special when you need it, Betsy’s makes saving easy by discounting all our products everyday, with savings up to 40% off regular retail!

In addition to our usual discounts, we also send a postcard each month to our current customers that allows them to save an extra 5% on their supplement purchase, in addition to our regular discounts.

2. We stay up-to-date

Betsy’s March visit to ExpoWest in Anaheim was just one of the many ways we strive to keep up-to-date on industry trends and product safety so you don’t have to.  ExpoWest is the health foods industry’s largest trade show.  Some 60,000 attendees gathered in the entire Anaheim Convention Center to meet with manufacturers, attend special education programs, and visit the new products showcase over the course of the four-day show.

In addition to trade shows, our staff is regularly trained by manufacturer representatives, national educators, and our own, mentor coach.  We have more than 3,000 different types of products in our store, and our staff is eager to know about each one in order to answer your product questions.

3. We thank YOU for taking us to heart

Our goal everyday is to treat every customer as a guest in our home.  We do our best to greet you warmly, balance helping you with giving you space to browse, and, most importantly, ensuring that we meet your health goal needs.

In addition to our daily goals of supreme customer service, we take the third Wednesday of every month to celebrate our customers with Wellness Wednesday.  We offer instant prizes at the register, give away samples, often have manufacturer demos, and share snacks and Zevia colas.  We also hand out a special newsletter that contains a great coupon you can use on your next visit.

See You Soon

We at Betsy’s look forward to our jobs because they mean helping people meet their personal health goals.  We also love being able to share the welcome atmosphere of our store with each of you.

Thanks for every opportunity you give us to take your health to heart.  We look forward to seeing, and serving, you soon.

In health,