Thanks for a truly GRAND Opening!

Collage from 10-11-14

Three manufacturer demos, healthy snacks, Zevia sodas and other freebies for all–including a free 60 ct. Betsy’s Basics Vitamin C–were just part of what made our Fall Festival Grand Opening at Fallbrook today a great success!

Thanks to everyone who made it to either of our Betsy’s locations today to help us celebrate our second location at Fallbrook and 1960.  With our new store, Betsy’s is proud to be serving the Champions and Cy-Fair areas of Houston with quality health foods products at great prices.

And speaking of great prices, today’s customers were pleased to enjoy specials that included an extra 10% discount off our usual everyday discounts with sales flexibility that allowed everyone to choose products that best met their needs and saved them the most money!

Another upcoming Betsy's deal

Of course, at Betsy’s, we are always looking for ways to take your budget as well as your health to heart.  Look for your chance to enjoy coupons that will save you $10 on certain Solaray products in weeks to come.  We also still have sample bags waiting to be distributed at some of our upcoming Wellness Wednesday celebrations.

Samples in totes for web

Zevia colas can give you that soda “fix” without the artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup of regular sodas.  Instead, Zevias are sweetened with the stevia herb.  They have become a mainstay of our celebration days.  Another thing we like to do on Wellness Wednesdays and many Saturdays is pop popcorn using organic coconut oil.  It is absolutely delicious.  We hope you get to come in soon and try these special snacks.

Popcorn machine

So, thanks again for joining us today.  And thanks to those of you who were with us in spirit!  We are thankful for the opportunities you give us to prove that we take our commitment to service and product knowledge seriously.

Pictured here are Ramona (left) and the demo master, Betty!
Pictured here are Ramona (left) and the demo master, Betty!

In health,