Betsy’s Family-Owned Commitment to YOU

At Betsy’s Health Foods, we have a number of rules we live by to help us make sure our health to heart matters are always at the forefront of all we do.

1 We're the family-owned store

Our number one rule is our goal to treat YOU like family! This goal starts with our commitment to offering great customer service.  We are always ready to help you find product, ask you the right questions to help you find the right product for you, and will even special order product when we can’t find what you are looking for among our more than 3,000 different items.

Our commitment to family begins with our family-owned roots.  The Billingslea family has been in the Houston area for more than 70 years, almost half of which have been spent involved in the health foods industry!  From Betsy’s passion for learning about supplements and helping people has grown a business that thrives on capitalizing on the strengths of all our family members and employees.

Husband Richard uses his architecture degree to design our stores.  Son John uses his business acumen to help bring the best products at the best prices to our customers.  Store manager Ofilia, who celebrates her seventeenth year with us in 2014, brings a caring for people and a talent for organization to our store.  Sales staff like Tammy, Yanhira, and Jeanne have a passion for learning and a desire to help people that makes them great listeners who offer even greater customer service.  Powerhouse learner Lisa passes on her knowledge to the rest of the staff as our in-house educator.  Our next generation of health industry greats can be seen in Lindsey, who is committed to growing our new Fallbrook location as she herself grows in professionalism and her love for this industry.  Miranda and Tessa keep us smiling with their great energy and go-get-’em attitudes.

As a person who came to know about vitamins and supplements when I married John almost 20 years ago, I have enjoyed getting to use my communication skills and education background to help grow our staff knowledge base and get the information to YOU that you need to know to make the most out of your Betsy’s shopping experience.

As a small, local business, Betsy’s appreciates the support our community has shown us these twenty+ years.  We love Texas and its people.  Our earnest goal and hope is that our desire to help and our care for you is apparent each time you visit us in our store, over the phone, or online.  We always look forward to welcoming you, like family.

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