An Holistic Approach: Our Conversation with Dr. Teitelbaum

Betsy visits with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
Betsy visits with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, practicing holistic physician and author of more than a dozen books, including Fatigued to Fantastic, Real Causes/Real Cures, and Pain Free 1, 2, 3, honored our Fallbrook location Monday with a personal training for our staff.  Tonight, the rest of our staff will be hearing Dr. Teitelbaum speak to a group of natural foods retailers in the area.  All of this wonderful training is thanks to our vendor partner, Nature’s Way.

Besides being empowered and inspired when we get to hear a person in this industry who has such a passion for helping people, we also learned several facts about natural products that we are looking forward to sharing with you on your next visit to Betsy’s.

For example, did you know that chocolate really is a good thing?  So, even though we all should avoid sugar in our diet, chocolate in moderation can actually be good for you!  Even if you like milk chocolate more than the dark chocolate that contains more of the beneficial constituents of cocoa, you still get benefits from chocolate in all its forms.

This doesn’t mean that the milk chocolate you choose should be a candy bar filled with nougats or other creams that are just sugar, but a milk chocolate bar with some healthy nuts like almonds could definitely be a positive choice.  And, of course, as with anything in life, moderation is the key.

Another interesting thing we learned is the connection to sleep and weight.  During quality, quantity sleep, your body produces human growth hormone and leptin, which help you maintain balanced weight.  Good, sufficient sleep also helps your body recover from the stresses of your day.  Of course, sleeping pills, which can be addictive, are not exactly the answer to your sleep disruption.  However, there are lifestyle and nutritional factors we can discuss to help you manage your healthy sleep patterns even better.

Besides his dedication to bringing the best of allopathic and naturopathic medicine together for his patients, Dr. Teitelbaum has a mission to help the people he sees as being on the frontlines of bridging the gaps between conventional medicine and the trend of people taking increasing personal responsibility for their overall health: those bridges being small natural retailers like Betsy’s.

Because supplements don’t treat, cure, prevent or diagnose disease, our focus during the training was the same as what we try to learn and share everyday at Betsy’s, which is how supplements fill the nutritional gaps we don’t or can’t get from our foods.  By looking at the basic nutritional supplements just about everybody could benefit from, we learned more of the right questions to ask to help match you to the right product when you visit.

We were also reminded that the role of most supplements is to help the body balance and build, which takes time.  As Dr. Teitelbaum explained,

You can tear a house down in a day, but it takes at least four to six weeks to build another, better house.

Thanks to Dr. Teitelbaum for caring enough about people and about those of us in the health industry who share his love of helping people to take the time to speak with us personally about his wealth of health knowledge.  With our new knowledge about brain health, cardiovascular health, weight support management, blood sugar management, adrenal support, and stress support, we are ready to help you with your next question for the Betsy’s Team.


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