Give Mom A Healthy Gift This Mother’s Day

Betsy's looks out for Moms this May

“My mother… she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.”     ― Jodi Picoult

May is the month when we honor one of our first loves–our mothers!  From keeping us well fed to chauffeuring us around to baseball practice and piano lessons, Mom is often the only thing standing between us and the tribulations of a challenging world.

So, this month, we’ve stirred up some special gift ideas and even a super giveaway to honor Mom all month long.

Deep Steep Products
These Deep Steep body butters, moisture sticks and hand scrubs are truly clean!

To begin, we’ve brought in a full line of body butters, moisture sticks, and hand scrubs from the company Deep Steep, which offer all the moisture and fresh smell you want from a personal care product without the parabens and other synthetics that can cause allergic reactions and/or endocrine disruption.  I have personally used body butters from some of the top “natural” companies in the business, and the Deep Steep HoneyDew/Spearmint is the absolute best I have ever used!  It just smells clean coming out of the tube, and a very little bit goes a long, long way.

We’ve also put together some gift baskets you can purchase and have mom’s gift all wrapped and ready to go!  These include a body butter, hand scrub and moisture stick, a New Chapter Omega 7 and a Betsy’s Basics 35 Billion Probiotic.  The total retail price for all these items is actually $84.40, but the special Betsy’s price for your Mother’s Day gift basket is only $64.99*!

One of these gift baskets will make your mom smile!
One of these gift baskets will make your mom smile!

Finally, we’re going to honor Mom all month long by letting you sign up for our special gift basket giveaway.  This basket is loaded with goodies any woman will love, including lavender essential oil.  We want everyone to have a chance at this great prize, so we are going to draw for the winner on June 1.


Our prize basket for moms.  Sign up all month long!
Our prize basket for moms. Sign up all month long!
What's inside our give away basket for Moms!
What’s inside our give away basket for Moms!









We can’t wait to help you honor your mom at Betsy’s.  From gift certificates to pampering products she’ll love, we’ve got you covered.  Always taking your health and your budget to heart means always taking mom to heart, too!

In health,

*($64.99 plus applicable tax includes all discounts–even orange card discount)