It’s Like Our Star Wars Episode VII

Betsy's @ Fallbrook
The next chapter in the Betsy’s saga

For those of you who experienced the thrills of the original Star Wars trilogy, the upcoming Episode VII is a movie you’ve been anticipating since Vader rasped, “Luke, I am your father,” more than 30 years ago.  If you’ve never argued about whether or not Obi-Wan Kenobi actually allowed Vader to kill him or used his powers of the Force to vanish into thin air before the light saber hit him, well, you’re just too young.

We at Betsy’s like to hope that we are just as exciting in the world of supplement shopping as Star Wars sequels are to the sci-fi populace.  So, just like Star Wars VII was so many years in the making, you may wonder why it took us more than 20 years in business at our 1960 & Champions Forest location before we were ready to open a second store.

Well, the truth is that we have been busy these first twenty years perfecting the company culture and systems that ensure a shopping trip to Betsy’s is something you experience as a delightful step toward supporting your health goals and not just another check-mark on your to-do list.

Here are some of the things that we believe are at the core of what makes Betsy’s your choice for supplement shopping, and we believe that we are finally ready to feel assured that our second location will be able to provide you these same qualities when you visit us at Fallbrook and 1960.

First, customer service is always our first priority.

A lot of companies say that, but what does it really mean? At Betsy’s, customer service means:

  • We strive to get you the right product
  • We work hard to stay educated on our products and the latest health trends
  • We treat you as a guest in our home
  • We do special orders and mail orders with low S&H charges
  • We do lots of giveaways as another way to say thank you for shopping with us
  • We provide information like this newsletter that you can take home and enjoy at your leisure
  • We try to meet you where you are—online, on FB, and now with our upcoming second location

Second, our product mix and education will stay the same.

We want you to be able to come to either of our locations and get your usual products at the same prices and discounts as you experience at our original location, along with the same product knowledge.

To that end, we are currently training even more staff to be prepared for our grand opening, as well as running our behind-the-scenes programs to make sure the products you know and trust are the ones you will find on our new shelves.

Photo of interior construction going on at our soon-to-come second location
Construction at Betsy’s new chapter is now under way!

Knowledge-driven service, quality products at discount prices, two locations–all coming soon!

In health,