Blood Sugar Management Tips You Can Use

Follow these video tips to help you reach your blood sugar management goals. Then, consider these 9 sugar swaps to help you enjoy your food and reduce sugar intake at the same time!

  1. Instead of breakfast cereal, try a mix of coconut flakes, nuts and seeds.
  2. Nix the fruit juice. Instead, eat a piece of whole fruit.
  3. Forget flavored yogurt. Plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries is a better choice.
  4. Say no to soft drinks. Try sparkling water infused with fruit or herbs (but NOT artificial sweeteners).
  5. Rather than sushi, consider salmon or tuna sashimi.
  6. Skip the jarred pasta sauce, which is often loaded with sugar. Stick to homemade pasta sauce instead, where you control the sugar content.
  7. Avoid pre-made salad dressing. Choose olive oil and vinegar.
  8. Pass up on the energy bar. Think about trail mix.
  9. Instead of cookies, try sliced apple with a nut butter.

Good blood sugar management is all about smart choices on a daily basis. Even with occasional treats, consistent choices to avoid excess sugar is one of the key components of a healthy blood sugar management plan.

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