Supplement Buying Made Easy

What is the difference between turmeric and curcuminoids? Which bottle among the thirty in the relaxation section of the health aisles will actually do what it promises on the label? How do I tell the difference between marketing hype and actual science?

When you strive to make the best of your health by utilizing nutritional supplements, the breadth and depth of choices can be more than overwhelming. That’s why at Betsy’s, we do things a little differently than most health food stores. Besides striving to know as much as possible about the products we carry, we also work to ask you the right questions, helping you determine the best match for your product needs.

Knowing product and knowing the kinds of questions which make a difference isn’t something that just happens. We have decades of experience in the health foods industry, attending trade shows to learn from the best in our field, visiting manufacturing facilities to see how products are made in person, studying our trade magazines and publications, and fostering relationships with the companies we carry by utilizing the educational opportunities they provide.

Our internal training programs help our staff learn about products as well as the standards of customer service it takes to truly take our customers’ health to our hearts.  We use mentor and group training sessions to teach our staff the legal structure/function benefits of the products we carry, as well as the questions and general cautions to consider, such as recommending that people who take medications (even OTC drugs) or have medical conditions check with a pharmacist or healthcare provider before beginning a new supplement.

Knowing about supplements is just part of our story. We work hard to maneuver the fine line of balance between quality and price so that you can buy with us knowing you’re getting the best value. We pass on the savings we have fostered from our manufacturers to you. We offer everyday discounts on our products, as well as giving you special opportunities to save even more throughout the month. Our Wellness Wednesday event on the third Wednesday of every month is one example of such an opportunity.  Besides having special sales that day, we also give you a coupon you can use at your next visit, so the savings keep going.

Other great ways to save more include our orange postcard, which saves you five percent more on vitamin and herb purchases than the everyday discount. Make sure we have your address correct in our system the next time you visit. We send emails at least once a month, sometimes more if a special sale is happening, that include a coupon to save more on a Betsy’s Basics product.  Sign up in-store or online at our website to get on our email list. And we have our Betsy’s Health APP, with app-only deals, that you can download for free from your smartphone app store.

We thank you for letting us take your health as well as your budget to heart since 1993. We look forward to continuing to do things a step-above to help you and your family achieve your health goals.

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