We Know Supplements

We take vitamins seriously. That’s why, when we get the opportunity to tour the manufacturing facilities of the products we carry, we take advantage. My recent tour of the farms and plants where Natural Factors makes products marked my tenth such experience and was our team’s twentieth or more such tour throughout our 25+ years in the industry. It’s one of the important ways we take your health to heart. And another reason why we’re proud to say we know supplements.

How products are made can be every bit as important as the product themselves. That’s why we strive to choose partners who have our customers’ best health in mind. We want manufacturers who reject goods, even from trusted suppliers, when those raw materials fail to pass established testing, not the manufacturers who are willing to buy rejected goods to keep prices rock bottom. At Betsy’s, we also understand the need to keep a healthy pocketbook. That’s why we pass along the discounts we get from manufacturers in order to offer you the best possible value for your supplement choices.

With the internet making it possible for any Tom, Dick or Harry to sell product, it’s important to know just where your supplements come from, how they are stored once they become the finished product, and to know you can trust the label and claims being made on those products. Now more than ever, we know that your trust in us must be earned on a daily basis. Our first-hand knowledge of the way that supplement products are made is just another way we strive to be “always taking your health and your budget to heart®.”

Manufacturing facilities are proprietary processes that don’t allow for picture-taking. In the video below, enjoy some images from my Natural Factors farm tour, where I got to see the 8-10 foot organic soil and biogenic farming techniques employed by this manufacturer to grow some of the raw materials that go into their products.

And, by the way, one of the reasons we’re so proud of our Betsy’s Basics line of products is because I have also seen the manufacturing facilities and biodynamic farm for our products, so I know they meet the high standards our valued customers have come to expect from us after 25 years in business.

Thanks for your trust, Houston. We appreciate being named Living Magazine’Best of Health Foods again this year, for Cy-Fair as well as Champions/Spring. We also appreciate your business.

In health,