Making Betsy’s The Best For You: Our Expo West Show Experience

Manufacturer bonds
One of our reasons for attending the Expo West health show is to maintain the strong relationships we have with our trusted manufacturers.

More than 85,000 people descended on Anaheim the second weekend of March to participate in this year’s Expo West, a health food industry convention that brings together suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and professionals in the natural products and wellness industry. Because this show gives us the opportunity to discover new products, visit directly with a variety of manufacturers, and stay on top of trends, we excitedly made the trek, and what a show we had!

New products we found at Expo West
Look for these 70% cacao bars, which include healthy mushrooms in their ingredients, in our stores in the coming weeks. They taste amazing!

One of the themes of our Expo West experience this year was partnership. We work diligently to build partnerships with our trusted manufacturers in order to fulfill our obligations to our partnerships with you, our customers. Our manufacturing partnerships mean you get:

  • Accurate product knowledge, straight from the manufacturer
  • Answers about formulation questions, straight from the formulators
  • Our eye-witness assurance of the quality of the manufacturing process
  • Products that have been properly stored and transported—no hot warehouses or counterfeit products
  • Manufacturers who support sustainable, earth-friendly production methods
  • The latest products, with researched ingredients and only what’s in the bottle stated on the bottle
  • The best possible values on products as we pass on our manufacturer discounts to you
Product Discoveries at Expo West 2018
Some of the many new products we fell in love with at our Expo West show. Look for them in the coming weeks, only at Betsy’s.

Besides continuing our partnerships with quality manufacturers, we discovered several new products making their debut at the show. In the coming weeks, look for new products to support skin and joint health, mushroom teas and candy bars, new gummies, and a variety of new probiotic products, to name a few.

We look forward to helping you have a healthy 2018, as we celebrate 25 years of always taking your health and your budget to heart®.

In health,