Our Expo West Adventure: Discover the Latest Health Industry Updates with Betsy’s

the Betsy's team at ExpoWest 2017

Some 80,000 people descended on Anaheim last week, including members of our Betsy’s Team, to discover the latest and greatest in the natural health industry at this year’s ExpoWest event.

In a sea of manufacturing booths representing foods, personal care, natural living, and supplements, we noted trends that underscore the depth and diversity of our vibrant industry.  Bone broth figured prominently in many new companies. Alternate sources of protein also seemed a familiar theme. We sampled some chips with 20 grams of cricket protein per serving that proved eating bugs can be palatable.

How many ways can you re-invent water? We lost count. Creative entrepreneurs are looking to containers other than even BPA-free plastic. Others are sourcing water outside the box, from sources like maple trees!

Sustainable manufacturing practices proved an important theme as companies emphasized not only the approaches that use less energy but also the sourcing of natural resources that will ensure the perpetuity of those resources. As the industry seeks to speak to the needs across generations, it is emphasizing social impact as well as credibility in making products people can trust with their most important asset, their health.

We are very excited about the products we discovered at the show, which you will be seeing in the next weeks on our Betsy’s shelves. A new line of essential oils with a 100% Ecocert and USDA organic certification will offer an amazing new layer to our aromatherapy products. We have a new line of foods with tasty choices like Botija olives that are certified organic, hand selected when ripe, sea salt cured and low temperature dried for a unique olive experience.  Did you know that all canned olives are pasteurized? The new skin salves coming soon are based on a family recipe that has been passed down for more than 150 years.

Companies we know and love rolled out new products at the show which we will also bring to you. A butter-flavored coconut oil that tastes better than the real thing, superior collagen for skin, joint and bone support, and a full-spectrum, clean cranberry with D-mannose are just some of the many products you can look forward to discovering on Betsy’s shelves.

Staying up-to-date on an industry that is ever changing and growing is one of our number one priorities. Attending the industry-wide events where we gather to share information and ideas helps us bring you the very best in healthy choices. We consider it an honor and privilege to ensure we offer you the healthiest in products. It’s one of the many ways we take your health to heart.

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