The Betsy’s Team Gets Educated

Our Country Life education opportunity.
Our Country Life education opportunity.

The last several weeks have offered the Betsy’s Team a variety of opportunities to increase our industry knowledge, with two team trainings from manufacturers and a plant tour and training from our latest private label supplier.

First, we learned from Dr. Audrey Ross of Country Life Vitamins about a variety of this company’s products. According to Ross, Country Life has the most third-party testing of any major, full-line health foods company. They were the first to attain the gluten-free certification on their products. Of course, they are cGMP certified, as well as Kosher. You can also check each bottle and find what is not in the product, like NO GMOs.

From learning about the difference between whole leaf and inner filet aloe, to discussing products like l-theanine, vitamin K, and B1, our training gave us a wealth of information to use as we help our customers better understand the products we carry.

Our next training came from Todd Scarborough of Bluebonnet Nutrition. Bluebonnet, a local company in Houston, is also a GMP, NSF and Kosher certified facility. Learning more about Bluebonnet’s quality vitamins, CoQ10, and probiotics began our training.

Next, we delved into the Extreme Edge line of products from Bluebonnet, which are designed for more than just the weekend warrior or super athlete. We are excited to share with you what we discovered about whey protein, Bluebonnet’s Carb Loader and more, at your next visit.

Herbs in the raw--this biodynamic farm supplies some of the raw products that become your finished products.
Herbs in the raw–this biodynamic farm supplies some of the raw products that become your finished products.

Finally, I was privileged to visit the plant of our latest supplier for our private label products, Betsy’s Basics. With this latest supplier, we will be able to provide items like essential oils and tinctures to our product mix. The facility tour reminded me afresh of the extremes to which reliable companies go to track the quality and validity of their products, from raw sources to finished items.

This FDA-registered, NSF-GMP certified facility also offers Kosher certification, fair trade, gluten- and GMO-free products, as well as organic ingredients. In addition, I got to visit one of the bio-dynamic farms that supply some of the raw materials for the facility.

A bio-dynamic farm takes organic farming one step further. Everything gets re-purposed—even the algae from the pond gets dredged to use as compost! The farm relies on solar power and follows a schedule based on what is best for the plant and the planet. Sometimes, this means harvesting at midnight or allowing a field to lie fallow for a season.

Quite a few of our new Betsy’s Basics products are tinctures, which allow for better potency, more bioavailability, ease in use, and hopefully more rapidly noticed results. My visit to the manufacturing facility was a mini-course in herbs that made me even more excited about the products we are beginning to carry.

Some of our NEW products, including a liquid line for KIDS!
Some of our NEW products, including a liquid line for KIDS!

The Betsy’s Team is always eager to learn more about the products we carry so that we can better serve you. In the last few weeks, we’ve certainly been delighted at the opportunities to expand our wealth of supplements knowledge. We look forward to sharing that knowledge with you at your next visit to either of our two locations.

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