Our July 15 Wellness Wednesday Will Wow You

Himalaya is making this month's Wellness Wednesday wonderful

Jumping figureI am really excited about this month’s Wellness Wednesday!  For one thing, it will be our 30th celebration since we started setting aside one day a month to specially thank our customers for supporting us during our 20th year in business back in 2013.  For another thing, this month’s sponsor for instant prizes, Himalaya, has something extra special planned for our event.

If you are new to Betsy’s Health Foods, you may not be aware that we make customer service and product knowledge our number one priority.  Part of our customer service goals involves bringing you quality products at everyday great prices.  Another part of our customer service goals is our dedication to building relationships with our community.  As a locally-owned company, we are serious about appreciating the customers who take time to support our family-owned business.

Our THANK YOU days, now Wellness Wednesdays, are when we pause to really show you our appreciation by offering special drawing prizes you win on-the-spot, sample bags, snacks and drinks, and a special, one-day-only newsletter with extra health information and a great coupon you can use at your next visit to the store.  In addition, we try to have manufacturer demos on these Wednesdays so you have the opportunity to learn even more about the products we carry straight from the source!

You can read all about our past Wellness Wednesdays on our website.

What Makes July 15 Special

This Wellness Wednesday, Himalaya will be offering a demo at both our locations.  If you are at the store during the demo hours and you purchase 2 Himalaya products, our Himalaya rep will have a beautiful Sari to give you as a bonus!*

The hours for the demos at each location are as follows:

  • Our original, Champions Forest location (5730 Cypress Creek Pkwy): 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
  • Our newest, Fallbrook location (11560 FM 1960 RD W): 2 pm to 4 pm

Besides the bonus, you can also learn in-depth information about the Himalaya products we carry during the demo.  How’s that for a great, Wellness Wednesday treat?

Thank you so much for supporting our efforts to help Houston meet its health and nutrition goals.  We look forward to seeing you July 15 for this month’s Wellness Wednesday!

In health,

*Subject to availability.