Betsy’s Makes It Easy For You To Save Even More

Houston Health Foods Betsy's Health has an easy extra-savings program

Betsy’s Basics #2: We make it easy to save more

Betsy’s strives to be your best value in supplements in Houston through our variety of quality products, extensive product knowledge and heartfelt customer service.

But another big part of our concept of value is the dedication we have to making sure that the savings we are able to get from our manufacturers get passed on to you.

Every product discounts

Every product in Betsy’s is discounted off regular retail prices.  In addition, we send an orange postcard to our current customers every month that allows you to save an additional five percent on your supplement purchase.

We define current customers as those who have shopped at either of our two locations in the last four months.  We also consider our mail list private, so you know that we never share it with anyone.

Betsy’s also makes the most of our 5% more coupon.  At other stores, when you save extra, the store often only gives you the extra percentage off the already reduced price, resulting in a smaller overall discount.  At Betsy’s, we add the 5% to the percentage off discount before we figure out your final price.

Here’s what our way of passing on savings means versus the other guys:

  • At store A, you buy a $50.00 vitamin that is 15% off, and you have a coupon for an extra 5% off.  First, the cashier applies the 15% discount, bringing your cost down to $42.50.  Then, the cashier applies the extra 5% discount, making your final cost $40.38.  You saved $9.62.
  • At Betsy’s, you buy a $50.00 vitamin that is 15% off, and you have your orange postcard for an extra 5% off.  We immediately change the 15% off marked on the bottle to 20% off.  Then, we enter your product with its discount into our register.  Your final cost is $40.  You saved $10.

You can find out more about our approach to specials on our website.

Quality versus “cheap”

Supplements is one area where you definitely want to know what exactly has gone into the product.  In other words, quality really counts.

For the manufacturers we work with, there is an extensive vetting process for raw product.  They test herbs to verify they are what the seller claims they are supposed to be.  They scan the raw product to make sure it is not contaminated.  They test for heavy metals and pesticides.

When a manufacturer declines to buy a batch of a raw product, do you think the seller throws that raw product away?  Of course not!  Instead, that “inferior” raw product will find its way into less quality supplement products.

If you have ever wondered why a similar product in another store is so much less expensive than one you might find in a real health food store, one of many possible reasons is just such a possible scenario.

You can find out more about our approach to quality products on our website.

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