Betsy’s Health 2014 in Review

It’s the penultimate day of the year, so it must be time to do a quick review of our exciting, challenging, and healthy-minded 2014!  As always, thanks to YOU, we had a wonderful 2014 and look forward to working together to “always taking your health and your budget to heart” in the New Year.

Second Location

Of course, the biggest news we had in 2014 was the opening of our second location at Fallbrook Drive and 1960 RD W in the Cy-Fair area.  Located in the Starbuck’s/Jersey Mike’s strip, this store offers a similar design and product mix to our original location.  It also includes the same level of educated service that you have come to expect from the Betsy’s Health Foods name.

You can stay up-to-date for this location at its Facebook page, and also check out more information for Betsy’s at Fallbrook on our website.

We opened the store on August 16, but had our official Fall Festival Grand Opening on October 11, giving away great prizes, sample packs, snacks and drinks at both of our locations.  We even had several demos from our wonderful manufacturers.

Collage from 10-11-14

Wellness Wednesdays

On the third Wednesday of every month this past year, we made a special effort to thank you for taking us to your hearts for the past 22 years and counting.  We gave away special prizes, samples, Zevia colas, and more.  We often had manufacturer demos for even more product information.

We also had a special newsletter each month with added health information and a special coupon that you could use at your next visit.

These Wednesdays have become such a fun time for us and for our customers that we are making them a part of our regular business.  So that means, in 2015, look for Wellness Wednesday on the third Wednesday of each month–our thanks to YOU!

Don’t forget that we also give away $50 worth of the product of your choice to two lucky winners at each of our stores every month as well.  Besides giving by being able to answer your product questions, we are always very serious about giving to our customers.

Betsy's Health Foods thanks its customers on Wellness Wednesday
Some of our many instant winners from November’s Wellness Wednesday


Besides our regular, ongoing mentor and manufacturer training, 2014 was filled with opportunities for our Betsy’s Team to improve their already impressive knowledge of the products we carry.

Betsy and Ramona attended three trade shows this past year, including the Expo East national show in Baltimore in September.  These shows give us the opportunity to learn about product trends, the latest health information, and to meet with the heads of the companies we do business with to help us get our product questions answered.  We also get to hear nationally-renowned speakers like Dr. Tiera Low-Dog.

Betsy’s Health Foods was also honored to have visits and education sessions from several national educators this year.  We heard lectures from Dr. Michael Murray, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, and master herbalist Dean Morris.  We were visited by the national educators from several of our companies: New Chapter, Country Life, Host Defense, Nature’s Way, Bluebonnet, and Nordic Naturals.  We were honored by actual in-store training from Dr. Teitelbaum, Dean Morris, and Dr. Audrey Ross.

2014 was certainly a year for the Betsy’s Team to learn, and we were excited to share our knowledge with our customers.

Dr. Teitelbaum gave us an extended training session at our Fallbrook location.
Dr. Teitelbaum gave us an extended training session at our Fallbrook location.

New Products

Finally, as we think about the last year, we have to mention all the great new products that came into the store:

  • The Deep Steep line of lotions, shampoos, etc.  This company’s body butter rivals anything you can buy at the “fancy” spa stores!
  • We added even more products to our private label, including a Green Tea and Turmeric combination that is very popular.  Look for even more products soon, including some essential oils!
  • We brought in even more of the great products from the Flora line, including Intestacare and a 7-day cleanse that you will love.  The Flora products are all non-GMO liquids that taste great.  Check them out the next time you are in the store.
  • One of our most unique new products would have to be our My Magic Mud, which is actually a tooth-whitening product without the harsh ingredients you might find in other products of this category.
  • Have you seen the latest collagen product from Country Life?  If you have an interest in your skin health, you have to check this special item out at your next visit to our stores.

Farewell 2014

It has been challenging running two locations, but we are so excited to be offering more convenience to our customers and also finding a whole new set of customers in our new Cy-Fair area.  From great education opportunities to opportunities to give back to YOU, 2014 has been a full year.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you next year!

In health,