Betsy’s Asks the Right Questions, Our Health to Heart Matters #11

Betsy's Health Foods Asks the Right Questions

We Ask the Right Questions

One of the most important rules the Betsy’s Team lives by is to be sure we ask our customers the right questions and actually listen to your answers so that we might provide you with the products that best fit your nutritional needs.

The ability to ask the right questions begins with knowing about the products we carry.  This knowledge goes hand-in-hand with a caring for people that fuels our desire to be as helpful as possible at all times.  “Always Taking Your Health and Your Budget to Heart” is a motto we make a reality every day at our stores.

We Listen with Your Safety in Mind

Listening to the answers people give to your questions is every bit as important as asking the right questions in the first place.  The answers we get to our questions about your nutritional needs helps us match your lifestyle and diet habits to the supplements that should be most beneficial to you.

Most importantly, we at Betsy’s are committed to providing a safe environment for the conversations that concern your health goals.  Our job is to help and not to judge.  Our job is also to ask the safety questions that will help you make the wisest supplement choices, like consulting your healthcare provider when you are taking prescriptions and knowing the best times to take different types of supplements.

Asking Questions Begins with Betsy

So, where does all this commitment to asking and listening come from?  It begins with our founder, Betsy Billinglea’s, background in nursing, where she learned the vital importance of knowing about the people who were placed in her care.  When Betsy turned to alternative therapies in her quest for better health, the same drive to learn as much as she could about nutrition led her to continue her practice of asking questions and really listening to the answers she got.

Hearing industry greats like Linus Pauling and Mark Blumenthal and being able to ask them questions person-to-person further laid Betsy’s foundation of understanding the importance of listening with intent.  She often refers to herself and our staff as “detectives,” as we try to emphasize how important it is to really know our customers’ nutritional needs in order to truly help them.

Our Next Generation of “Detectives”

Before I met my husband, John, and became a part of the Billingslea family, I thought a good breakfast was a Dr Pepper and a couple of Ding Dongs! But, being an academic at heart, I quickly took on the study of the health industry and supplements as I had once pursued my studies in English and cultural studies.

Almost 21 years later, I’ve learned the importance of diet and lifestyle choices to optimum health, and I know the important differences between retinyl palmitate vs. beta-carotene, the ORAC values of resveratrol and grape seed extract, and the cellular reasons that make a healthy omega balance so important.

But, unless your idea of a good time is reading health magazines or nutrition textbooks, how do you learn about the supplements that interest you?

Part of my job at Betsy’s is to put together the materials on supplements that Lisa uses to train our staff on products so that when you come to Betsy’s, you easily get the answers you need.

Good Questions Means You Avoid Information Overload

Walking into a health food store with more than 3,000 products can be intimidating.  Unless, of course, you are walking into Betsy’s, where a friendly staff member is always ready to greet you and answer your product questions.

But, when you walk into  a box store, or browse around the internet, how do you know what is the best thing to try for your situation?  When you read headlines about FTC rulings against weight loss products that have made false claims or have actual drugs in what is touted as a “natural” product, where do you turn for accurate information?

Of course, I hope the place you turn is Betsy’s, where we take being educated about our products very seriously so that we can ask you the right questions.  Besides the one-on-one trainings Lisa provides, we also have:

  • Bi-weekly group trainings
  • Manufacturer trainings up to four times each month
  • Product quizzes
  • Practice simulations for customer interactions

The Betsy’s Team Supplement 411

Betsy and the Betsy’s Team sincerely hope that our dedication to product knowledge is apparent every time you come to our store.  And, of course, if you are a “do-it-yourself” type of person, we also have a wide range of reference books you can peruse any time you visit.

Thanks, as always, for every opportunity you give us to prove our supplement 411!  We appreciate our chance to ask you the right questions and listen carefully, with heart, to your answers.

In health,