Betsy’s enters a new chapter in our story

Collage of our Betsy's at Fallbrook signs
Betsy’s at Fallbrook opens Aug. 16 at 10 am!

Our Fallbrook Drive and 1960 location opens on August 16, marking a great new chapter in the Betsy’s story.

We are so happy to be able to offer the same knowledgeable staff, top-rated customer service, and quality products at discount products at a second location, extending our ability to be a convenient, best place to shop for supplement needs.

More Product Variety

To add to our chapter of growth, we are also pleased to announce another quality manufacturer for our private label line! Look for even more variety from Betsy’s Basics, with the quality formulas you have come to expect from our line, including a new sleep support formula and women support products.

Some of the quality, new products you can now find at Betsy's!
Some of the quality, new products you can now find at Betsy’s!

Adding to our Knowledge-Base

Our August and September is also slated for opportunities to grow even more in our knowledge of the industry and the latest products to serve you better.

First, we will be attending a table top show presented by the country’s leading distributor of natural products and supplements, where we will be able to meet with a wide variety of manufacturers and look for new and niche products to offer to help us even better meet your needs.

Next, our staff will be honored with a special training by one of the leading voices in the natural industry, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, who is known for his great ability to combine traditional medicine with supplements to help people achieve optimum results. He is also a great author, with books like Fatigued to Fantastic and Real Cause, Real Cure.

Finally, we will be heading to Baltimore to join more than 20,000 other people in our industry for one of the largest trade shows we have, Expo East. Here, we will attend education sessions, meet with top executives from our manufacturers, and explore more than 2,000 companies offering products from foods to cosmetics to supplements and more.

And as you’re experiencing now, we have also been expanding our online offerings with our new blog here at On it, you will find out the latest information about our store’s events, updates on products, and even more health articles to keep you informed on the latest research in the industry.

We are so honored to have YOU be part of the Betsy’s story. We look forward to seeing you at your next visit—in either one of our TWO locations.!

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