Our Marvelous May #WellnessWednesday

Prize collage

 “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”
― Ben Carson

Our Whole Health Approach

All year long, we’ve been dedicating our information each month around not just one area of health, but to the variety of health concerns that are tied to many of your top needs.  For example, when we think about heart health, we can consider basic nutrition support, omega balance support, and even mineral balance support.  Just like we are not just one organ, our approach to supplemental nutrition should not be singularly focused.

In May, we have concentrated on Women’s Health, of course.   As well as trying to offer you information on the issues women often find most concerning, like bone health and weight support, we’ve also tried to look at areas of health that may not be the first that come to mind when you think about women’s health.  For example, you might be surprised to know that women are just as concerned with heart health as men.  Women also have high interest in not just their own health, but keeping their families healthy.

The Art of Heart

Because we are always taking your health to heart, we love the opportunity each Wellness Wednesday offers us to give back to you.  We spend the day sharing healthy snacks like organic popcorn popped with organic coconut oil and Zevia sodas, which are sweetened only with stevia.

We also take the opportunity on these days to give out prizes.  This May, we had four different prize bags, filled with a couple of really nice products and then extras like t-shirts, shopping totes, and health books.  We also still have a great Mom-themed gift basket filled with some $135 worth of products that you can sign up for your chance to win all month long.

Also, we give every customer who comes into the store on Wellness Wednesday a special newsletter for that day which includes a great health article and a very special coupon you can use on your next visit to Betsy’s before the end of the following month.  In May, our special article was all about how green foods are nutrition multi-taskers.

Finally, we’ve been known to have a few other goodies as you checkout at the register, like pens and samples.  On May 21, we even had a Country Life demo during our Wellness Wednesday fun!

snacks collage
Healthy snacks are just one part of our Wellness Wednesday fun! Thanks to Tessa and Francesca for helping make May 21 great for everyone.


Don’t Miss Out

Our next Wellness Wednesday is just around the corner on June 18, when we’ll turn our attention to loveable Dad!  We have a special Dad’s basket planned for June, as well as some great Father’s Day gift ideas because we can’t leave Dad off our health to heart agenda.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

 june 18 announcement

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