How We Put The WELL In Wednesday

Even more prizes were up for grabs on April 16!
Even more prizes were up for grabs on April 16!

Betsy’s Health Foods has dedicated the third Wednesday of every month this year to thank our customers for their commitment to our store and, more importantly, to their better health.

We call these special days, Wellness Wednesdays, because we offer a special newsletter highlighting health information and giving customers a $2 coupon they can use on their next visit, in addition to their orange card discount.

We also offer special drawing prizes just for that day, including product bags, books, and even organic chickens.  We hand out little thank you gifts and let customers sample things like popcorn popped in organic coconut oil and our Zevia sodas, which are sweetened with 0 calorie stevia instead of artificial sweeteners.

In April, we gave away 6 total prizes, in addition to our special gifts.  As always, guests to the store could also sign up for a chance at one of our two $50 product giveaways which we do each month.  Also, on April 16, we had a demo by Country Life, which gave customers a chance to sample products and talk to a representative from that company.

Our Wellness Wednesday focuses on a particular area of health, but also on all the other areas that might be tied to a particular support category.  For example, when we consider weight management, we might also consider blood sugar management, energy support, and even mood.

To that end, our newsletters, emails, and Facebook links each month this year are tied around the categories we have connected for a particular month.  Wellness Wednesday is a culmination of each month’s effort to take your whole health to heart.

Read more about our Wellness Wednesdays on our website.  And see you at our next event on May 21!


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