The Art of Heart

BEST NFM 2013 Cover shot

Always taking your health and your budget to heart, isn’t just our motto.  It’s the only way we do business.

Every day in our store, we get a variety of questions and requests that we are able to answer, in large part due to the variety of products we carry.

  • Will this multi work for my entire family?
  • Do you have smaller pills?
  • Isn’t there a product that combines some of these things?

Many of our popular categories come in a variety of forms—capsules, softgels, tablets, powders, gummies, sublinguals, and liquids. Besides singular herbs and vitamins, we also have many items that combine various supplements to create a specific structure and function product.

In other words, never assume we won’t have what you are looking for at Betsy’s until you ask! And, if we can’t find the item among our more than 3,000 products, we’ll happily look into our ability to special order the product for you.

Product formulators have to look at a variety of aspects when suggesting the form of products. Some nutrients make other nutrients work better when combined. Others contraindicate each other.

The form a product can take is also dictated by science. How do you make a liquid cal/mag that doesn’t wind up tasting chalky? How come minerals are most often in tablet form? Is it better to have a softgel for a fat-soluble vitamin or just direct the consumer to take the vitamin with a large meal?

We go through many trainings to help us match the best product for each customer’s stated need. Let us help you find the right variety for your health goals and needs at your next visit. ~Ramona*

Lindsey pictured at Healthfest Trade Show
Lindsey is beginning the next generation of the Betsy’s Team commitment to education. Here she is at the recent HealthFest Trade Show with Mindy and Bob Barrows of Bluebonnet Nutrition.